Simon K. Yu, Barrister & Solicitor

Immigration & Refugee Hearings and Appeals Lawyer

Immigration Division - Admissibility Hearings

Immigration Division is authorized to issue removal orders against you if Canada BorderServices Agency is able to establish that you are in violation of the immigration law in Canada and are therefore inadmissible to Canada.  You can be inadmissible to Canada because you have no legal status in Canada, you have criminal conviction, you were or are involved in organized crime or terrorist organization, or you have committed misrepresentation in immigration application or proceeding.  Different type of removal order will have different impact on your future return to Canada. 

Simon has also successfully argued for his clients against removal order from being issued against them on the allegations of misrepresentation, criminal conviction outside Canada, organized crime and terrorism grounds.

You should contact Simon as soon as you are served with the documents regarding Admissibility Hearing by Canada Border Service Agency. Time is of the essence. You and your witnesses need to be prepared for your Admissibility Hearing. You need time to gather your evidence for the hearing.