Simon K. Yu, Barrister & Solicitor

Immigration & Refugee Hearings and Appeals Lawyer

Cessation hearings and Vacation hearings

If you have returned to your home country after your refugee claim was accepted, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) may initiate a cessation application proceeding against you in which they may argue, among other things, that your refugee protection should cease as you have re availed yourself for the protection of your home country. If CBSA is successful on their cessation application against you, you will lose your refugee status and may also lose your permanent resident status.  There are many negative consequences that follow such as your ineligibility to work in Canada without a work permit and potential removal from Canada.

If you have misrepresented or withheld material information in your refugee claim which led to the approval of your claim, Canada Border Services Agency may initiate a vacation hearing proceeding against you. If CBSA is successful in their vacation application against you, you will lose your refugee status and permanent resident status. You may face removal from Canada.

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) is responsible for assessing and making determination on cessation and vacation hearings.
Cessation and Vacation proceedings are challenging cases.  Simon has successfully argued for his clients to retain their permanent resident status in cessation hearing and vacation hearings.  It is important for you to book a consultation meeting with Simon as early as possible in order that there is sufficient time for you to discuss issues, gather evidence and prepare for your hearing.